Andrew Lake Lodge sits almost precisely on the 60th parallel, North of the equator. The location makes it an excellent spot for viewing Aurora in September and early October when the lodge closes. During my trip to the lake, I saw Aurora every night that there were clear skies. If you have clear night skies during your visit, you should try to see the Aurora for yourself. Here are a few quick tips for catching the lights this year:

  1. Check for Aurora during astronomical twilight – this is not true darkness, but it is dark enough to see the Aurora if it is dancing. Astronomical twilight will be about 1.5hrs from sunset at Andrew Lake.
  2. Turn off all your lights. It can take your eyes 20-30 minutes to adjust to the darkness. If you have to use any devices, turn the brightness down as much as possible on the screens.
  3. The Northern Lights can be easily seen from the dock or inside the A-Frame if you want to stay warm (lights off, though). To spot them at first, try to look East, straight from the dark, and to the North (left of the dock). If it’s a very active night, it may be possible to see them in all directions and even directly overhead (meaning you could even spot them from the cabin area).
  4. Your eyes will most likely perceive white/grey to green light dancing across the sky. They can become very bright and dance in different formations.
  5. A good show can happen at any time at Andrew Lake Lodge, and there is a very high probability of seeing at least a little bit every night. Sometimes the lights are out right away at twilight; sometimes, you have to wait until after midnight. It is worth being patient and persistent if you have clear skies.

Good luck!