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The flights from Fort McMurray and Fort Smith are private charter flights.

There are exemptions for travelling through the NWT. This exemption permits guests to drive to Fort Smith and fly out from our floatplane base on the Alberta side.

  • Transport Canada Now Requires That All Passengers Must Have A Face Mask Before Entering Security/Boarding Flight
  • Temperature may be required
  • Passengers Will Be Required To Wear Mask For the Duration Of the Flight
  • Passengers Are Required To Inform Air Crew If They Have Symptoms Of Covid-19

In the event that one member of your group displays symptoms of Covid -19 while at the lake.

They must be isolated from the group and stay in one of the cabins separately.

The group will need to call our base to arrange a separate Medivac charter flight to remove The person with symptoms.

The cost of this separate flight will be additional.

South Leland Lake

As an outpost camp, there is no staff at this location.

At South Leland there are three guest cabins available that can accommodate up to four people each. There is also the central shower building.

For cabin accommodation we recommend utilizing all cabins and spread out  the members of your group.

Maximum group size is 12 people. Exclusive camp booking of 3 cabins with 6 or more people.

On departing day please disinfect all common surfaces. Including cabins, shower building, boats and motors.

There is bleach and disinfectant available in shed.

We recommend all new arriving groups to disinfect all common surfaces and equipment.

Please take all trash back with you to Fort McMurray. Double bag the trash to be flown out.

Recyclable cans and bottles can be bagged and left at the boat shed under side awning.

Andrew Lake

There are six guest cabins available (1-4 people each) and maximum group of 12 or more people can book all the cabins as an exclusive booking.

Andrew Lake has staff that will remove trash and recyclables.

The staff will also be able to communicate with the base for any emergencies or details.

There will be no full-service meal packages at Andrew Lake until further notice.

Lynx Tundra Lodge at Lynx Lake, NWT has seperate health orders and presently no visitors allowed. There are exemptions for travelling throught the NWT. This exception permits guests to drive to Fort Smith and fly out from our floatplane base on the Alberta side.

Click here to download the information sheet from
Alberta Health, Guidance for Hunting & Fishing Lodges, Camps & Outfitters

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