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Water is the word when you arrive at our section of Canada’s Sub-Arctic – water that you can drink by just dipping a mug full without fear of pollutants. However, the best asset about the crystal clear water is the abundance of fish it harbours.
Miles of shallow weedy bays provide a great haven for the Giant Northern Pike that roam the waters that we fish. Many of our returning guests release numerous fish in the 20 pound class each year; recent lake records exceed 35 pounds!
Large gradual rock shoals, depths of 150 feet, and rocky underwater shelves provide the angler with miles upon miles of excellent Lake Trout territory. Through the years the Lake Trout have earned a trophy status among our guests. Trout average 3 to 8 pounds with many 15 to 20 pound fish landed, and the current lake record is just shy of 40 pounds.



What Our Guests Are Saying:

Hi Dan. Jesse and I want to sincerely thank you and Jim for the last couple days, it s truly a lifetime experience.

Dave And Jesse Armstrong                                                                     (September 2020 surprise Birthday trip)

Hi Dan, Just wanted to thank you again for another great trip. We really appreciate you picking us up early and all you do for us. Always top notch service. Thanks again

Darcy Handy

July 2019

Hey that’s a great shot Dan. Yes we had a great time and some good lifelong memories for sure! Thank you for being such an enthusiastic and professional host- enjoyed the times we had very much. And I sincerely hope we can do it again!

Garry Boldt

June 2019

Hi Dan,

A few pics from our time at Andrew last week.  As mentioned the night you visited the cabin, the six of us landed 430 fish, of which 36 were lakers. Largest pike was 42” (likely 18 lbs), and the largest laker was 36” (weighed at 18 lbs).  Lots of pike over 30”, which is a blast on a fly rod.

Thanks again to you, your mom, Jim and Dave for the great service.  A great time was had by all.

Rocky Konynenbelt
Rocky Mountain House AB

June 2019

"As far as the fishing went, what can I say.... As I said we were very realistic with our expectations and know that nothing is guaranteed as far as catching fish. We came up simply hoping to catch some lake trout and have an opportunity for a trophy fish. We could not have wished for more that what we experienced. We fished hard for four days and as I look back, really cannot believe our catch.
"Numerous lake trout in the 4-8lb range all caught in 3 to 5 feet of water capped off with 2 giant Lake Trout of a life time. I was aware that likely the pike fishing would not be as 'good' as it is in the spring and we may not catch the numbers that we would have in the spring. Well we caught lots of pike and 5 GIANT’s well over 20lbs with the largest a 48″ 30+lb brute that simple blew us away. The fish, the fall colors, the lodge were simply outstanding."
September 16-21, 2016

Joe Wilson & Doug Wilson, Calgary Alberta

Dan, for the second time in two years I find my self writing to say Thank you.  After taking my father up last year for his 70th birthday we found ourselves having to do it again.  Last year really set a high bar with great fishing for lake trout and monster pike.  We kept our expectations modest again this year as nothing is certain when dealing with nature and the weather.

Well, once again you managed to exceed all of our expectations! From the tour of Fort Smith the first night, to the welcome company of Dave and Jim at the lodge and of course the fish, the fish. The lake trout co operated and 3-6 lb fish were numerous.  The pike fishing…words really can’t do justice to what we experienced.  3-6lb fish at times wore us out, 10-15lb pike kept things interesting and then there were the Giants. 5 pike from 44-49 inches. The only thing more satisfying than reeling them up from the depths was watching them swim back down when it was all over. The elation of the trip only was tempered by the sadness of it ending.

You truly have an amazing resource in your lakes and an operation that matches them.  We both felt that you work really hard to make sure your guests have a great experience.  You have provided my father and I with priceless memories together and for that, thank you.

I will forward you some pictures which will say more than I could every write.


Joe Wilson – Calgary, Alberta

Fishing Season


Generally runs from May 23 to October 1 each year, weather permitting
During this open water period we have not noticed one time period better than the next when seeking that trophy Northern Pike. For example, we had a 24 pounder caught on May 30, a 21 pound fish on June 16, a 35 pound monster on Canada Day – July 1, and 28 pound fish on September 20, over one season, just to list a few.
Lake Trout are a migratory fish coming into the shallows (5 to 15 feet) each spring and fall and living in the depths during the summer months. Lake Trout remain in the shallows until early July each year only to return in early September. Specific fishing techniques are therefore tailored to the location of trout at any given time. Those of you who can handle the cool weather of September will come to find out that for real trophy fishing, the fall may indeed be the best of the best.
We at Andrew Lake are aware of the qualities required to provide you a ‘world class’ fishing vacation. That’s why after you’ve joined us once, you’ll be back time and time again.

New to Fly-in Fishing?


We offer exciting trips to 5 remote destinations in Alberta and the Northwest Territories.
The season runs from May 23 – September 30
There are three periods through the season that offer different angling opportunities.

Early Season: May 23 – June 30


During this time the water is still cold, as the ice out usually occurs in late May.
Tremendous amount of daylight; end of June 22+ hours!
Northern Pike are spawning in shallow bays and the large females are sought after with spinning and fly-fishing.
Lake Trout like cold water and are still on the surface, and as the month progresses the water warms up and these fish migrate to the deeper holes of the lake.
Walleye spawn in early to mid June and gather at river mouths and incoming creeks. Large females can be taken at this time providing great action.

Mid Summer: July 1 – Aug 31


Northern Pike – Can be caught in shallow bays, off narrows and points. Many Pike can be caught in these regions, however most are of smaller – medium size. Larger pike can be caught trolling or casting just off edges of bay in 10-20 feet of water. Andrew Lake’s “Jackfish Alley” offers excellent fishing through this river out flow as it spans nearly 10 miles.
Lake Trout – Have moved into the deeper colder, 4 major holes 80 -150 feet deep. Most of the ideal water temperature is found 60-90 feet. Trolling with regular spinning gear and down riggers, or using heavier trolling rods and pink ladies or deep sixes works well. Vertical Jigging can also be employed as these fish can be targeted from above with a bottom-up strategy.
Walleye – Move out to deeper bays and can be caught slow trolling and jigging. Walleye are active with good numbers of fish and large trophies can be caught throughout the mid-summer.

Fall Season: September 1 – 30

Monika Deviat photo

The lake thermalcline has changed as the lake “flips” – colder water now found on top. It actually gets “dark” by 7:00pm, and this allows for some spectacular northern light shows as the aurora’s presence is felt on clear nights.
Northern Pike – can be found in similar regions as the mid summer. Numbers of fish caught can be less than spring and summer, but still many 40″/25+lb trophies can be found.
Lake Trout – Now move up to the surface with the cold water and head towards spawning grounds – gravel bars, rocky and cobblestone bays. The lakers are hungry at this time, but also very aggressive as they defend their spawning grounds and chew up pike that try to invade their turf. Peak spawn occurs around mid September.
Walleye – Activity drops off as many of these fish are suspended in deeper water. Successful anglers target submerged islands and “humps” and jig up nice “eyes.”


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Tackle & Equipment Recommendations

Fishfinder: we have some available on a rental basis; please reserve in advance.
We supply hydrographic maps
Down rigger / Pink Lady / Deep Six: Any can be used to get lures deep for Lake Trout in mid summer.
Pike & Lake Trout Tackle
Fly fishing & spinning gear
Medium to medium heavy weight rods
12-20 pound test line
12 inch steel leaders
Large spoons (4-7 inch), including number 4 size Len Thompson, Lucky strike, large Daredevil
A mix of colors from black and white too bright colors. We use bright colors on bright days and doll colors on overcast days.
Crank baits work well Rapala and Canadian wiggler are great. Single body and jointed are good size medium to large.
Top Water lures and buzz baits work well for Northern Pike; check out Mepps spinners and pixie Top Water lures.
Jaw spreaders and long needle-nose pliers or hook out removing tools.
A lighter rod is okay with 6 pound-10 pound test.
An assortment of jigs work well; all colors from white to black are good depending on conditions.
Berkely power grub, Mr. Twister and some of the Mepps ones work well.
Also, some smaller spoons and crank baits will work as well.
Arctic Grayling – Lynx Tundra Lodge only
Very small spoons, spinners and fly fishing
Fillet knife with sharpening stone, plastic Ziploc bags
We supply lifejackets & nets
You will need to get your fishing licenses in advance at