Alberta is known for great moose hunting and many good opportunities exist over much of the province, however, all hunts are not created equal as the landscape is diverse. We operate in the largest most remote  area in all of Alberta. We accommodate hunters in multiple camps across our 5000-square mile area. We are consistently opening new never before hunted territories. At Andrew Lake, we are located nearly 800 km northeast of Edmonton! With increased activity in the resource sector, a lot of the province has become easily accessible in the last several years. This access can provide challenges for trophy hunts as other outfitters and resident hunters compete for trophies.

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The extreme northeast corner of Alberta has become famous for trophy hunting. The perfect combination of remoteness, habitat and genetics, helps to consistently produce trophy animals.

Our success has not gone unnoticed, many renowned hunters, outdoor writers and television programs have featured our big game outfitting.

Our calling season “Rut Hunts” can provide incredible excitement when a giant moose bull answers the call. Our guides will position each hunter in optimum locations across our exclusive 5,000 square mile guiding area. We cater to the self guided hunter as well. Many returning  that have booked up to 19 consecutive trips with us.

moose rut hunts 2023

We were thrilled to have hunters returning for the 20th, 14th and 4th hunt with us as well as others for their very first trip. Succesful groups at our main lodge on Andrew Lake, our oupost cabins at South Leland Lake as well as our outfitted tent camps and drop camps.


Extra challenges this year with forest fires. smoke, evacuations and Fort Smith town closure. As always, we adapt and persevere. Thank you to our great guests. Many have rebooked for next year.

Experience it!


Countdown to the next season

We are booking 2024 & 2025 dates. Bookings made now can lock in current year’s rate

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No Roads, Trails or Cut-lines

In addition we border the country’s largest national Park – Wood Buffalo and its millions of acres of protected land. The Northwest Territories borders to the north and there is no outfitting permitted in this region of the Northwest Territories.

Northern Alberta “Great Canadian Shield” Hunting Experience

Our territory is Alberta’s sole claim to the Canadian shield and the land is a combination of rugged outcroppings of rock and characterized by over 100 lakes.


We own and operate an air charter service, which allows us to fly the hunting area year round. This provides our hunters with a special advantage as we can set up camps in the best areas and continually open up new territory.

The combination of remote wilderness, exclusive outfitting rights and air charter support, all increase the odds for success.

 FALL Rut & combination HUNTS

Our season runs from September 1st to October 3rd.

Early September hunts can be successful. Historically best calling success is mid to late Setpember. 

Moose, Black Bear and fishing for Pike, Lake trout and Walleye.

Fort Smith is about 1300km from Edmonton on paved highway.  Fort Smith is 565km from High Level. Fuel also avaible in Hay River, NWT.

Our hunters can also reserve free pre trip accommodation at our floatplane base the night before their trip.



  • Hunter pick up is in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories (with daily airline service from Edmonton, Alberta)
  • Average moose harvested has a 40″- 50″ + rack, with the largest scoring over 66″.
  • Largest exclusive area in Alberta
  • High scoring racks in Boone & Crocket and Safari Club
  • Small camps 2-4 hunters
  • Fly-in camps – lodge/cabin/outpost camps/spike camps
  • Rifle/Blackpowder/Archery
  • Incredible trophy fishing available for Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Walleye

Getting in


For our drop camps, many groups have the right equipment already, sometimes it is just the boat that needs to be confirmed.  If you have a canoe or aluminum boat up to 16ft we can tie it on the plane and fly it in.  There are additional costs for any external tie ons. If you have an inflatable Zodiac type boat it is even easier as it can fit inside the plane.
We also have the option to rent just the boat and motor.
Success can vary with conditions and experience hunting here as there are groups hunting for the first time and some have flown in with us for several years. Some have been up 6, 10, 19 years in a row!




We offer a selection of lakes and rate packages to suit your needs

Andrew Lake

Packages with flights from Fort Smith start at $1395. Private guest cabins with kitchens to cook, fish & explore on your own schedule.  Main lodge with option for meals provided, lodge staff ready to host your special group event!

Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Whitefish

South Leland Lake

Packages with flights from Fort Smith start at $1095. The Outpost Camp! Exclusive camp bookings with all 3 cabins at South Leland with groups of 6 or more.

Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Whitefish

Drop-In Tent Camps

Choose from any of the 100's of lakes in the area to set up your own fly-in camp! Bring your own Tent & boat or rent our equipment.

Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout

Lynx Tundra Lodge

Where the forest and the tundra meet. Adventure  on the edge of NWT tree line. Incredible Fishing, landscapes and wildlife! Hike on an esker, Meet the Muskox & Caribou, witness Aurora!

Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike

Rates & Packages

 SEASON – September 1 – October 3

FAQ Hunting Questions


For the Drop Camp Package - How do we select the lake?

There are about 100 lakes in the region. The habitat is changing with forest fire burns and new regrowth.  We pick the lake based on moose activity that we have seen over the summer and over previous years, size of lake to match group size, boat, canoe etc.  Fish species and flight distance for costs. 

For the Drop Camp Package - I have my own equipment, but not sure on boat?

The drop camp works well as it is the same cost for the trip wether its 2 day or 2 weeks.

Many groups have the right equipment already, sometimes it is just the boat that needs to be confirmed.  If you have a canoe or aluminum boat up to16ft we can tie it on the plane and fly it in.  There are additional costs for any external tie ons. If you have an inflatable Zodiac type boat it is even easier as it can fit inside the plane.

We also have the option to rent just the boat and motor.

How much more to fly out of Fort McMurray instead of Fort Smith?

Unlike the fishing trip packages, the hunting groups have a lot more gear and food as they are going on for week or maybe two. This extra weight plus the unknowns of how many moose to fly out, make pricing form Fort McMurray challenging. On average trip costs would be about double that of Fort Smith. With the savings in flight costs and free parking and pre/post trip free accommodation in Fort Smith, most guests fly out of Fort Smith. Please contact us for specifics on your options.

What kind of success on the hunts?

Success can vary as there are groups hunting for the first time and some have flown in with us for several years. Some have been up 6, 10 and 19 years in a row!

Overall about half of the unguided groups have an opportunity and about half of those take a bull. Fishing can be very good in September especially for lake trout and pike.  Some lakes have walleye too!  Please let us know any preference on fish species and we can help select a lake suitable for your group.

For the Drop Camp Package can we rent a satellite phone?

Phone rentals are available in Fort Smith and can be reserved in advance if needed. 

How do I get a fishing license and WIN card?

For fishing Alberta Lakes - Andrew & South Leland  =

NWT Lakes - Lynx Lake -

How should I store my firearms for the flight?

Plastic or metal case that can be locked for airline travel

Plastic or soft case for air charter planes

Trophy & Meat Care?

Meat can hang in camp if temperatures allow. We can also fly out meat to Fort Smith and store in walk in cooler facility.

I’m from another province and have hunted there; how do I get an Alberta hunting licence?

Non Alberta residents need to have non resident hunting licenses that are included in our fully guided hunt packages.

You need to buy a WIN card from a private license issuer before you can buy a license. Both can be purchased at private licence issuers.

For more information check out our FAQ page



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