Andrew Lake Lodge

Private guest cabins have electricity, running water and kitchens, accommodating 2-4 guests. The lodge has lounge, full service meal option, showers, flush toilets. A Frame conference room has satellite phone, Internet & TV. 3400 foot private air strip. Groups of 12 or more can have book the camp exclusively.


South Leland

Outpost Camp

Exclusive camp bookings at South Leland with groups of 6 or more. Exclusive group at Andrew Lake is 12 or more people

Drop-In Lake Camps

Choose your own adventure! We offer fly-in tent camps to hundreds of lakes in the surrounding area.

Lynx Tundra Lodge

Lynx Tundra Lodge, located on Lynx Lake (260 miles East of Yellowknife or 400km/255miles northeast of Fort Smith), is your destination for trophy class Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling. Much of this 150 miles watershed remains unexplored, these are the headwaters for the Thelon River and Wildlife Sanctuary. Air Charter available from Fort Smith, Yellowknife and Edmonton.