Aurora Viewing


Our Latitude of Canada’s 60th Parallel borders the Northwest Territories and offers incredible opportunities to see the magical lights on display. This region has near 24 hour daylight in June & July, however by late August and through September the evening provides darkness with no distortion from the towns and cities hundreds of kilometres away. All of this without having to bundle up for winter conditions. Daytime high temperatures can average a pleasant 15 to 20 degrees Celsius and the evenings can get down into the single digits with occasional mornings dipping to below freezing showing a brilliant display of frost.

Lodge Facilities

Do it yourself packages with private cabin accommodation that have full kitchens. Three night packages at Andrew Lake with charter flights from Fort Smith start at $1395.  See all packages and rates at  Andrew Lake Rates page.

Our main lodge building features a commercial kitchen, dining & lounge area, tackle shop, laundry facilities, hot and cold running water, showers, flush toilets and electrical power.

Our full service packages includes all meals served in the lodge.


Take in the lake view and aurora with the comfort of a wood-burning stove. A-Frame cabin is the ideal location for aurora viewing and photography. The A-Frame can accomodate up to 16 people which makes it the perfect setting for groups, workshops, and events.



Last year we rebuilt our dock and in addition the floating section, we added a large fixed platform that is perfect for setting up camera equipment to get stellar shots.  Camping out here and resting on the famous Red Bench, you’ll be sure not to miss any action.

Experience Andrew Lake Aurora


Andrew Lake is available with full service (all meals provided) or light housekeeping packages. All groups are booked to private cabins.

Andrew Lake Lodge Cabins are of a rustic log construction and accommodate 2-4 guests each with kitchens, running water and electrical power.  The main lodge building has showers and flush toilets, 24 hour satellite phone communication. The A-Frame has satellite internet, TV, conference room. We have our own 3,400 foot private air strip. Cruise the lake in 14 ft Lund & Alumarine Boats with 9.9HP Honda & Yamaha motors.

Groups of 12 or more can book the camp exclusive with ALL Cabins.


Catching the Northern Lights at Andrew Lake Lodge


Andrew Lake Lodge sits almost precisely on the 60th parallel, North of the equator. The location makes it an excellent spot for viewing Aurora in September and early October when the lodge closes. During my trip to the lake, I saw Aurora every night that there were clear skies. If you have clear night skies during your visit, you should try to see the Aurora for yourself. Here are a few quick tips for catching the lights this year:

  1. Check for Aurora during astronomical twilight – this is not true darkness, but it is dark enough to see the Aurora if it is dancing. Astronomical twilight will be about 1.5hrs from sunset at Andrew Lake.
  2. Turn off all your lights. It can take your eyes 20-30 minutes to adjust to the darkness. If you have to use any devices, turn the brightness down as much as possible on the screens.
  3. The Northern Lights can be easily seen from the dock or inside the A-Frame if you want to stay warm (lights off, though). To spot them at first, try to look East, straight from the dark, and to the North (left of the dock). If it’s a very active night, it may be possible to see them in all directions and even directly overhead (meaning you could even spot them from the cabin area).
  4. Your eyes will most likely perceive white/grey to green light dancing across the sky. They can become very bright and dance in different formations.
  5. A good show can happen at any time at Andrew Lake Lodge, and there is a very high probability of seeing at least a little bit every night. Sometimes the lights are out right away at twilight; sometimes, you have to wait until after midnight. It is worth being patient and persistent if you have clear skies.

Good luck!



We offer a selection of lakes and rate packages to suit your needs

Andrew Lake

Packages with flights from Fort Smith start at $1395. Private guest cabins with kitchens to cook, fish & explore on your own schedule.  Main lodge with option for meals provided, lodge staff ready to host your special group event!

Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Whitefish

South Leland Lake

Packages with flights from Fort Smith start at $1095. The Outpost Camp! Exclusive camp bookings with all 3 cabins at South Leland with groups of 6 or more.

Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Whitefish

Drop-In Tent Camps

Choose from any of the 100's of lakes in the area to set up your own fly-in camp! Bring your own Tent & boat or rent our equipment.

Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout

Lynx Tundra Lodge

Where the forest and the tundra meet. Adventure  on the edge of NWT tree line. Incredible Fishing, landscapes and wildlife! Hike on an esker, Meet the Muskox & Caribou, witness Aurora!

Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike

We offer do it yourself trips or guided workshops.

Learn how to photograph Aurora!

Join professional photographers in Late August and September  at Andrew Lake for an Aurora photography workshop.

FAQ Aurora Questions

Aurora Viewing

How often is the aurora visible?

Our loaction on the 6oth parallel gives high aurora viewing success. On clear nights quite likely - over 70% (Mid August - early October)

What is the self guided do it yourself trip?

Most guests book the do it yourself trips. Stay in private cabin and  make their own meals and tour on their own schedule. The lodge staff can help you with camp details, lake maps and point you the right direction. Days can include fishing, expeditions to the original Andrew family cabin site, lost trapper's cabin and wildlife viewing. You can take the boats by day and travel the lake, explore and hike the shield and beaches. Enjoy Aurora evenings at the lodge or on lake locations.


What are the Aurora photography workshops?

We have select dates that are hosted by professional photographers that will help you photograph the aurora and stars.  Days can include fishing, guided expeditions to the original Andrew family cabin site, lost trapper's cabin and wildlife viewing. You can take the boats by day and travel the lake, explore and hike the shield and beaches. Some of these packages include meals and some you can do your own cooking. Please contact us for details.


Is there cell service or internet? How can I check the weather and KP Index?

Yes, at Andrew you can utilize the Satellite wifi for weather and aurora forecasts. We actually have good success even when KP index is not as favourable.

What time does the aurora usually appear?

11PM - 2AM

What time of year is the best for aurora viewing?

We specialize in late Summer and fall as it is dark enough and the temperatures are mild. Some cool evenings and sometimes frost overnight. For the guests that don't want freezing temperatures and enjoy on the water activities mid August - early October is perfect.

For more information check out our FAQ page



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