Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Customized Hunting or Fishing Trip

  • Before you start planning your fishing or hunting trip, take a a look at our Quick Chart of our lakes and facilities, to best determine which location fits your needs and expectations.
  • What trip is best for your group?
  • Full service: Andrew Lake Lodge only – all meals provided
    Light housekeeping: Do your own cooking; cabins set up with full kitchens-order groceries in advance; available at Andrew Lake Lodge and all other lakes
  • How many people in group?
    Minimum group size 2 people; best rate group size is 6 people.
  • Exclusive camp bookings at South Leland with groups of 6 or more.
  • Exclusive group at Andrew Lake or North Leland Lake is 12 or more people
  • What fish species of main interest?
    Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye, Arctic Grayling?
  • Arctic VS Sub Arctic?
    Arctic Fishing = Lynx Lake  - Lynx Tundra Lodge 
    Wildlife viewing opportunities – caribou, muskox, tundra wolves and barrenland grizzlies – Lynx Tundra Lodge only
    Sub-arctic Fishing (All other lakes)
    Wildlife opportunities: View wildlife – Moose, Bear and wolves
  • Budget: Arctic fishing is the most expensive – much farther to fly in and out with charter aircraft.
    Experience It!
  • All of our lakes are completely fly-in! No roads — no trails — no cut-lines! We are the only camps on lakes!Reservation Requests

Fishing Trips Suggested Packing List

Maximum baggage weight is 100 lbs per person
 Groceries and liquor can be ordered from Fort Smith and flown in advance of your arrival at standard air charter rates - Ask about free beverage delivery for advance orders!

What to Bring?

  1. Groceries (all camps have electric fridges/freezers) Freezing of food before arrival is recommended. Small soft coolers are better than large hard plastic coolers
  2. Paper plates & plastic cups recommended for easy clean up (Cabins have dishes & cups)
  3. Dish soap, scrub brush & towel (Cabins have pots, pans and cooking utensils)
  4. Toilet paper & paper towel
  5. Alcohol (Cans & plastic bottles preferred)
  6. Warm clothes (Spring and summer highs +20C to +30C Lows +5 to +15C; fall highs +15C to + 25C, lows 0C to +10C)
    Rain gear
    Rubber/waterproof boots
    Hat and gloves
    Sunglasses and sunscreen
    Insect repellent and mosquito coils
    Camera, Flashlight and batteries
    Sleeping bag and pillow (All cabins have beds with mattresses and  wood burning heaters)
    Towels and toiletries
    Matches/lighter/BBQ lighter
    Fishing rods, reels and tackle
    Bring your Downrigger and Fishfinder or Rent them in advance $15/day please reserve in advance
  • All lakes have electrical generators for lights, fridges, and to charge batteries
  • We provide nets, life jackets, chainsaw, axe, unlimited fuel for boats, lake maps
  • There are propane cooking stoves and barbecues at each camp
  • Satellite Telephones available for personal use $5/minute or free to use to call for any camp questions or emergencies
  • Satellite WIFI available at Andrew Lake only free of charge to guests


South Leland Outpost Camp

Is there staff at South Leland lake Outpost Camp?

  • No, unlike Andrew Lake  & Lynx lake that have staff, the groups at South Leland are dropped off at camp and we offer satellite telephone for communications and fly in for camp checks.

Are Campfires allowed?

  • We have outdoor fire pits and sometime there are fire ban conditions.  Inquire before your trip.

Is there chopped wood, axe or saw should we require?

  • None pre stacked,  gather deadfall and chop wood as required,  ax and  chainsaw - chainsaw takes mixed gas - it is with it and premixed, separate chain oil reservoir needs to be filled every gas fill up.

Is the water from the lakes suitable for drinking?

  • The water from the lake is the same water in the cabins.  Recommend boil before drinking. Bottled drinking water can brought in or also ordered in advance, flown in with beverage or grocery order.

When do we use the generator?

  • For any electricity needs you can use the Honda generator.  It can also run for extended periods for freezers and refrigeration.  When filled with fuel it can run up to 12 hours.  There is also a spare back up generator in shed.  The hot water tank runs on propane and the water system is gravity fed and does not require electricity.

How does the Water system work?

  • A gas Honda water pump is used to fill up our water tank on the water tower. It holds 400 gallons and can run a camp for several days, depending on demand water and showers etc. The water system is gravity fed and does not require electricity.

Are there a few basic tools and any spare boat parts should we need them – ie propeller, pull cords etc?

  • YES, we have tools, engine manuals, spare props, pull chords, extra engine oil, There are extra boats & motors.  Any normal wear and tear is expected, however damaged unusable props, gears or lower units will be charged for.
  • Any problem with a motor that isn’t resolved quickly, please call on Satellite phone to let us know and use spare motor. This way on our camp check fly in we will be prepared to fix it.  We also need to know the status of equipment when groups change out.

Trash & Fish Cleanings 

  • Garbage and pop/beer cans & bottles stored separately, large trash bags supplied at camp.
  • Paper and cardboard trash can be burned, do not burn tin cans or aluminum.
  • Please try and FLY OUT garbage (double bagged) with you to take back to Fort McMurray Airport trash.
  • Cans & bottles for recycling can be left in bags and we’ll pick the up later.
  • Fish cleanings need to be removed from camp after cleaning by boat and dumped in lake away from dock.
  • Need to keep scent of trash and fish down to help keep bears away.

FORMS for download

WIN – Wildlife Identification Number- Application Form
Non-Resident Firearm Form
APOS Code of Ethics
Hunter Contract – Outfitted Hunt Agreement